There is nothing wrong with wanting an ex back.

There’s a lot of memories and history there so it’s normal to want to rekindle that spark.

The way to go about getting your ex back though will determine whether they come back or not. You don’t want to bother them too much but at the same time you are desperate to strike while the iron is still hot and when she still has feelings for you.

Here are some ways you may be going about getting your ex back the wrong way and in the end making yourself look desperate.

1.Constantly begging for a second chance

If you really want her back, actions speak louder than words. Constantly telling her that you want her back and begging her to take her back without actually doing anything to show for it isn’t really a convincing point to her.

2.Always texting her

It’s interesting how when a couple is in a relationship, they would always text each other and it was just normal.

After a break up, the communication definitely dwindles.

Texting her all the time can get annoying more than cute. The same way you’re going through a break up is the same way that they are going through it and they need space to think about getting back with you instead of bombarding her with thousands of messages or calls.

3.Showing up where she is at all times

This feels more stalkerish than desperate and she may not be convinced to get back with you.

4.Asking friends or families to speak to her

Speaking to her friends to convince her to get back with you may not be the smartest idea. It’s not only annoying her friends but her as well.

5.Grand gestures for her

This technique might work for some women but it can also seem a bit desperate. Keep things simple and show that you care for her and not try to buy her love back.