9 reasons why you should date a significantly older man

An older man will not tell you "I need to work on my career first"

And I don’t mean older men as in the sponsor manenoz (married men with families) way but more like just dating a significantly older single guy simply because you’re attracted to him and you actually want to be in the relationship with him. If you have been lucky to date an older and younger guy like myself, you can attest that dating an older guy is much better and stress free. These young ashy lil boys will kill you with stress sis.

If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s, you need to go for the dad-bod older hunk in his 40s or 50s and here’s why.

1. A significantly older guy knows what he wants and will not waste time or fool around.

Communication is pretty much straight to the point. There’s no game playing with older men.

2. He’s most likely at a point in life where he’s fairing well in his career.

3. So, evidently, he’s most likely financially stable and that means you will probably be spoilt.

Unless you’re dealing with the stingy kind and if you are, it’s unfortunate cause you deserve better girl.

4. He will come packed with wisdom that he's acquired over the years, which we could all use.

While younger guys are thinking of where to party next, older guys will talk about business ventures, entrepreneurship, and grown folk topics that make for such great intelligent conversations.

5. And when it comes to bedroom matters…he’s well experienced.

An older man will make love to you not have sex with you. They’re not too demanding in bed also which is good for you lol. He will please you in bed…plus, for him, it’s not about showcasing his prowess in coitus with the aim of busting a nut. It’s all about a sensual, quick but sufficient time in bed. What more do you need?

6. Stress free.

An older guy will rarely bother you with jealousy and insecurity issues such as the kind of guys who ask for your password and want to know all your business!

7. Better taste.

Older men are more chill. They will introduce you to the finer things in life. I’m talking mature soulful music, great restaurants, great food, travel etc.

8. He probably lives on his own.

Which means you don’t have to worry about going to a house full of roomies and such. You can just be two of you, enjoy a glass of wine as you watch documentaries together.

9. If you do not want kids in future, he will probably be okay with it cause he probably already has kids of his own from a previous marriage.

So, you're good!


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