6 dating rules you need to break now

It's never that serious

Even in dating, rules must be there even though not in a written form. Some rules however are too archaic to be applied and should be broken with immediate effect.

Here are some dating rules you should start breaking immediately:

1. Making out on the first date

There are so many rules regarding the dos and the don’ts of a first date. People will tell you not to have sex on the first date because it makes you look like a cheap bag of chips. However, whether you make out or not entirely depends on the two of you. If you are both in agreement, who are they to stop you?

2. Waiting to have sex until a later date

So you met this new friend but you think you should wait for a couple of months before making love? While it’s a choice for you to make, you should not feel obliged to follow the damn rule. What if you are not interested in a long term relationship and all you want is casual sex? What’s there to wait for? I mean, let nature take its course and if you happen to bond and fall intimate earlier than planned, don’t kill yourself with guilt.

3. The man should always pay for the date

While he may have all the pleasure to pay for your meals and drinks, a lady should also offer to pay sometimes. For instance, he can pay for dinner and you pay for the drinks. It’s fair and shows that you are also willing to invest in the relationship.

4. Asking a guy out

Who said women cannot ask a guy out? Girls, if you have the money to take him out don’t hesitate to. He might want to take you out but he has no money. So why not chip in and treat him for a night out as well?

5. Waiting for the guy to initiate a conversation

Anyone can initiate a conversation and starting it does not imply that you are cheap or needy. Women are afraid of starting a conversation but most men do not really regard them as cheap for starting a conversation. In fact, they wish that they are not always the ones to start it.

6. Playing hard to get

It’s no longer cool to play hard to get. If you like the guy, don’t act like you do not care while in real sense you can’t wait to lie on his chest. Not all men are patient with games and they may just leave the moment you show some lack of interest. This however, does not mean you go saying yes to every man because you need one.


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