6 good reasons not to date in your 20s

Take your time

But do not make the mistake of dating because all your peers are dating. Holding hands in public does not mean that they are happy; it could be just show off.

Your 20s are very important and they determine what your future will be like. So, take it slow and don't even rush to date until you are 30.

Here are enough reasons not to involve yourself in any serious relationship in your 20s yet:

1. No rush

Take your time to know what you want and the kind of a person you would want to share your life with. You are still young and no one should rush you to commit to a serious relationship. Take this time to love yourself more before introducing another human being in your life.

2. When will you have fun?

Not that you cannot have fun when dating. Just that it's more fun to hang out with your boys and go shopping with your girlfriends without explaining why you took too long to respond to a text message. This is the time to watch all the movies and travel the world since you are not answerable to anyone.

3. Independence

You have just come from college and have been living with your parents all your life. In your 20s, you should be enjoying the freedom of living alone, making your decisions independently and doing all the things you wished to do. Make mistakes, learn from them and feel like an adult at least before you start dating.

4. You are not ready

At this age, you feel selfish and this a good reason not to date yet. You are allowed to be more selfish at this time so that you can discover yourself. Are you even prepared to start dating whereas you hardly understand who you are or what you want in this life?

5. You are not stable

Fresh from college and hopping from one internship to another, the last thing you would want is another source of trouble. You will be busy trying to secure job opportunities, paying your bills and deciding on what career path to follow. At this point, a relationship is a deal breaker.

6. Commitments

Are you ready to commit to one person at 25 and be with them for the rest of your life? Relationships are about commitments and this is tough when so much is happening in your life. You should be committing your time to chasing your career at this time but not to someone who after all may not be your life partner.


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