7 things you should know about dating a single mum

Rules to dating a single mum.

You want your courtship to go to the next level but before going there, there are some things to be taken into account.

While dating rules exist for nearly every dating demographic, these are specifically for single mums.

Here are 7 rules you should heed when dating a single mum.

Her kid(s) are the priority

Never make things uncomfortable that she has to choose between spending time with you or her kids. She will always pick her children. Show that you are not too needy.

Take it slow

A working mum who has children as well can't afford to be rushed. You should be patient and willing to go with the pace at which she is comfortable.

Don't play games

Single mums don't have time for games. Be straightforward but don't be hurtful or have an agenda.

Don't push to meet her children

She is not looking for her kids' next stepfather. Don't insist on meeting her kids unless she is ready to introduce them to you.

It's about her schedule

You will be hanging out based on her free time. Not both of yours. You also need to consider that she has to juggle her kids, work, her house and her other activities. Should you decide to plan something, put her schedule first.

Never ask about her ex

Unless she brings it up, don't ask about the father of her child.

Her kids' father will always be a present issue

If the kids' father is still around or supporting her, that is something you will have to handle with kindness and understanding. Don't act jealous. Don't get territorial. Don't put any pressure on her to only expect support from you. Don't think you'll be the only father figure in the children's lives.

Don't get a hero complex

Don't feel sorry for her. Don't think you are doing her a favour by dating her. Don't think you're going to rescue her. If she needs help and you aid her, then you're assisting her- not saving her. Don't see yourself as someone special because you would date a single mother.


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