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To score a rock fan as bae, you need to be attractive in a unique type of way

Here is an advice I never tried - keep the conversation within the confines of her interest or you just might lose her.

She was intelligent, tall and beautiful, pretty much the type of chic your friends will like to give you a thumbs up for after you must have scored her (Like when you have started dating). We had already established a nice interaction and she had started to pass compliments like telling me I have a seductive voice. That was the point I knew I had a chance with her but that was all it was - chances.

Considering that I am a pro in the game, I invited her as a date to a top pan-Africa entertainment event that was held in Lagos. The sun shined the right way on this day - I made sure I arrived early, got our tickets and checked up on her as she advanced to the venue. I basically did what most girls would want when you have invited them out on a date.

Finally, the subject arrived at the location. She got there in time for the red carpet opening where some entertainment figures were getting interviewed by members of the press. No one bothered to interview us but we didn't care, we felt like stars ourselves - at least we were dressed like some.


After thirty minutes of chatting with some friends we met at the occasion, we exit the lobby where we were having drinks and strolled to the auditorium where the event was to be held. The night remained perfect until I asked her if she listens to Jhene Aiko (Remember that lovely song 'The worst'?).

"Yeah. I know her. My sister listens to her," she said in a nonchalant way. In my mind I knew I had been stopped by a LASTMA official in front of their Oshodi headquarters with no driver's license. I did not attempt a recovery and it is not because I am not a good talker. The fact that we made it that far was proof - you don't get to score a date with her kind if you are with no potential.

I am a huge rock fan but my interests in music seemed well rounded compared to hers. I was knowledgeable in other genres except modern Afro. This was because I started following music around the time when American musicians were considered hot and Nigerian artistes with exceptions to a few were not! The likes of Modenine and affiliated  musicians like Six Foot Plus, Terry Tha Rapman, O.D did it for me. My last memory of good Naija R&B was during the time of Silver Saddih and that was way back.


The deal was that the moment it started to look like I was not really into what she liked our connection sort of went zig-zag. This was before I ordered a beer for her instead of Vodka (By the way we were at Eko Hotel and Suites where the least bottle of alcohol cost N18,000 on the evening). I am not cheap, I just didn't plan an expensive date and I had good reasons.

Our outing ended early the next morning and we departed. I did the custom conversation after an outing and went radio silent. She reached out to me occasionally but I never got over the feeling that I ruined our hangout and that haunts me till date.

I do not think a lack of abundant money was the problem. I reckon things could have turned out differently if I had stuck to the rock music subject. So the question is if I didn't do so great, who are you to do better ye haters of rock?


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