Top 9 types of guys women avoid dating

Some of the worst type of guys to date

When they shoot their shot, you either ignore them or give them a resounding no. But if they somehow slipped through the cracks and you found yourself on a date with them, these are the guys who will probably deliver the worst first date ever.

Here are 9 guys who women completely avoid dating.

The cheap guy

He is the one who invites you on a date to a kibandanski or a very cheap hotel. And then he has the audacity to ask if you can split the bill. But what you ate was cost considerably less than his meal. After, he’ll try to get you to pay for the matatu ride back to town because “Sina loose.”

The narcissist

He is self-centred, selfish and in love with his reflection. He won’t hold the door open for you and doesn’t even ask for your input when picking a place to sit in the restaurant. He loves the sound of his own voice and won’t let you get a word in edgewise. He is thoughtless, cruel and a complete scoundrel.

The sloth

Dating takes work and this man won’t even shower or wear something decent to a date. He tells you to meet him at his place which is unkempt, rancid, and messy and just wants you to watch him play PS until he finally gets enough energy to bother seducing you.

The player

So to this guy, dating is open season. He flirts with every woman he comes across and honestly believes he is God’s gift to women. He makes you feel like you should be thankful for his attention.

The sexist

He has a problem with feminists. He has a problem with women having opinions. If you asked him about the women he hates the most he would mention Hillary Clinton, Martha Karua, Millie Odhiambo or even the late Wangari Maathai. He hates when women are “loud” and always has to refer to female professionals as “women chefs” or “women drivers”. Gender is an issue to him. He thinks women are beneath him. He probably wouldn’t tip the waitress and would tip the waiter. He shows open contempt to female attendants. He disparages anything women have ever done. He actually believes that women should be “thankful” for everything men have “allowed” them to be.

The chauvinist

Superiority is his middle name. He suffers from a complex so bizarre, psychiatrists would want to examine him for free. He thinks his race, religion, wealth bracket, gender or tribe makes him better than everyone else. He shows open contempt for everyone who is “beneath” him.

The mummy’s boy

He seems nice but he needs his mum’s advice for everything. He would call his mum in the middle of a date to ask for her input on an order.

The zealot

Religion is his best friend. He missed the part where the Good Book said to love thy neighbour as thyself and immediately skipped to condemnation and hell fire in that last chapter nobody understands. He loves to condemn everything from alcohol to pop culture to music to movies and wouldn’t hesitate to try to align your taste in lipstick or fashion to what his holy spirit says.

The pathological liar

This one displays no conscience. He will receive a call in the middle of the date and explain with a straight face about a delivery he is about to make and just needs some extra money. But he’s on a date with you and not going anywhere.

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