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This pregnancy was unplanned – Diana Marua opens up

"When I discovered I was pregnant, I went into a mental breakdown & it was not easy," Diana.

Diana Marua

Kenyan YouTuber-turned rapper, Diana Marua, stage name Diana B, has revealed that her current pregnancy was not planned.

“I keep on saying this pregnancy was not planned, we didn’t sit down and say were looking for another baby. For Heaven and Majesty, the pregnancy was planned but for this one things backfired.

“Pull out and pray didn’t work, so it was a moment for me to accept that this is what has happened and when I am comfortable I can now share with the public.

“I was not prepared and that is my honest truth. When I discovered I was pregnant I had a mental breakdown and I remember it was a period when I was somehow sick and all sorts of emotions running,” Diana Marua told Eve Mungai.


Diana B also touched on why she opted to announce her pregnancy through a song she collaborated with her husband.

“I wanted to make it memorable and have a meaning…it was more of a prayer for this child, praying to God to cover my baby and I want it to remain there so that when he/she grow up will know this song was a dedication from my mother,” Diana Marua explained.

Adding that; "My worst nightmare when I realized I was pregnant was going back to that stage of breaking out. My two pregnancies were challenging… but right now I’m a testimony to every pregnancy is different because the first two I got breakouts but this one is different."


“Bahati should go and do a vasectomy because at this point that is the only sacrifice he is supposed to do for me. I have given him three children, so it’s up to him to consider vasectomy because for me I’m not getting more children. It’s a wrap. I have five children already,” Diana said.

During the conversation Diana Marua said that she would prefer to give birth to a girl - when it comes to the gender of her third born.

“I would prefer a girl because handling Majesty is like handling three other children and when I think of having another boy, its overwhelming. Heaven is kind, hana mambo so I want another Heaven but akikuja boy ni sawa but what I would prefer is a girl.


After I came to terms with the pregnancy, I told God to give me a girl but we will of course know from the gender reveal,” Diana remarked.

Marua added that her biggest concern was finding a perfect name for her unborn baby.

“My biggest pressure right now is naming this child. Because the two already have unique names,” she posed.


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