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How to set real, achievable relationship goals

Goals here, goals there. How are you sure you are picking the right things to long for in a relationship.

Relationship goals

For the uninitiated, the word is often used when someone observes something they love and would love to have someday.

So, you see, it is not entirely a new word, and the context does not really change from being synonymous to target, aim, desire, etc.

Of course it is good to desire healthy relationships and hope for happiness when one finally settles down.


However, all images of happiness do not really mean the people in it are happy.

Some people have only mastered the art of putting up facades and pretences to make people think all is well, when it really isn't.

So it becomes quite sad when people set these lies and fake happiness as 'goals' when they can actually do better than that.

So, if you really need to set a standard or benchmark for your ongoing or intended relationship, here is what you should be aiming for:

1. A relationship that is really open in terms of communication. One wherein you and your partner can make your fears and worries known, where there are no secrets and no hidden skeletons.


2. A relationship where partners care about each other's happiness a lot.

3. Let your goal be to have a relationship wherein partners can support each other's dreams, support each other to achieve them, and be each other's biggest fan.

4. You need a relationship where keeping of promises to each other is standard.

5. You should be able to love each other at your worst.


6. Your goal should be to create a relationship where you and your partner create time for each other, no matter how inconvenient it seems. You can't last so long without having time for each other.

7. Your relationship goal should include one where public opinion do not really matter above what your partner is feeling.

It's tragic how people only want a relationship that looks nice to observers, but lacks real substance.

There are several other things to long for in a relationship, and the point is that only you is in charge of your own happiness, not anyone else.

Take note to be in charge of your own relationship, and soon enough, your relationship will be the ideal goal for many others.


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