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Foods you should avoid ordering on a first date

If you want to impress, avoid these foods

There's nothing as embarrassing as going on a date and ordering for things you cannot even pronounce or things you have no idea how they're supposed to be eaten. Worse still, ordering for cocktails and getting so hammered that you can barely walk at the end of the date. On a first date, the main agenda is to impress your date enough to be able to get a second date and get to know each other better then see where it goes. While we all like different foods, sometimes, you're better off going for the safer option when ordering for food on the first date. These are the worst foods to have on a first date:

1. Spaghetti.

Even if you know how to roll your spaghetti like a true foodie, keep off Spaghetti. Spaghetti can end up being really messy especially if you have to suck in some of the spaghetti for it to fit your mouth. The slurping sound, the mess, ew!


2. Sticky finger foods such as ribs or wings.

Sure, wings are super tasty and yummy but eating them in front of a man or woman you're trying to impress? Erm, maybe not. Personally, I eat my wings or ribs till the bone is left crisp clean. An affair that's not particularly sexy to look at. You're left with food under your nails, fingers, the lips and around the mouth etc. It's almost impossible to make eating ribs and wings sexy.

3. Beans, for obvious reasons. Unless you want to impress your date with toxic farts?

4.  A huge burger or sandwich.


Unless you're gonna cut it into two halves to make eating it easier, stay away from large burgers and sandwiches. Chances are, the condiments will keep sliding out, creating a mess.

5. Foods you know nothing about.

First of all, if you have no idea what oysters are, or how to eat sushi, why order for it on a first date? You may end up embarrassing yourself. Imagine a scenario where you order prawns on a first date and end up eating the head lol. Plus, you could be allergic. Stick to foods you can handle.

6. Foods you cannot pronounce.

No need to be like  "Niletee hii" when you can just say "I'll have grilled chicken with mashed potatoes please". I don't know about you but I'm personally not trying to embarrass myself on a first date.


7. The most expensive thing on the menu.

Simply because you're not paying doesn't mean that you should let your date break the bank.

8. Overly large potions.

For a first date, it's not sexy to chow down 2 racks of ribs and onion rings and chips'll start burping unceccessarily and maybe end up so full, tired and feeling sleepy. Go easy on the food.


9. Garlic or onions.

If you're trying to kiss after the date, then avoid anything with too much onion or garlic, like garlic bread and such for the sake of your breath.

10. Overly spicy food.

Lol I once went on a date with this guy who thought he could handle Indian spicy food only for him to end up sweating his guts off the entire date. In fact, the situation was so bad, (tears welling in his eyes, coughing, sweating etc) that the waiter had to give him a new plate of mild food. I was not impressed.

11. Sparkling drinks.


One or two is enough if you're not trying to be a burping Samantha all night long.

12. Cocktails.

Even if you can handle your booze, you might wanna keep off from cocktails on a first date.


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