6 things women notice about a man for the first time

Women are pretty observant as well.

One thing leads to another and you end up exchanging numbers at the end of the night. He hits you up after a day and you plan to meet up for a date. You say yes.

Fast forward to the D-day. He calls you up and lets you know that he’s already arrived and you get there 10 minutes after. Then it hits you that you may have had just one too many drinks that night because woah.

He’s still good looking but oh my he didn't iron his shirt and other nitty gritty details you can't seem to get past.

Women are also visual – maybe not as much as men – but something significant will definitely attract their attention and most of the time it happens when they first meet you.

Here are some things women notice about men for the first time.

1.Your dressing

We like our men looking good too. This doesn’t mean that you should overdo it though – you can leave the suit at home for that day - though it still looks good *wink*.

Don’t show up to that date having not ironed your shirt for instance. If lights disappeared before you got a chance to iron it, I think you can find a friend who lives nearby to go have your shirt ironed there.

Have a little style to your dressing. It reveals a lot about your personality.

2.Your cologne/smell

I don’t know what it is but there’s something that happens to a woman for that brief second they get a whiff of a man’s good scent – whoosh.

Smelling good just makes that man so much more attractive.

3.The way you greet them

Just like greeting any other person, you can tell whether they mean business, if they’re being respectful or just being a plain d*ck.

4.Your hands

Especially your nails. They need to be clean and not look like claws – stop competing to be in the Guinness book of World Records for the longest nails.

Plus just how your hands feel could make or break that greeting.

5.Your smile

A man with a good smile just brightens up  the day.

6.Your shoes

Another thing that women look at is a man’s shoes. Let them be in good condition.


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