5 signs that show a couple could be unhappy

How to tell a couple is low-key unhappy.

Often times it's necessary especially if you have a friend trapped in a toxic relationship or you're wondering why your buddy is suddenly not keen to go back home to his/her partner.

Before you put your foot in your mouth with your observations or make things awkward between you and the couple, there are some signs you can watch out for before you go ahead and ask.

Here are 5 unobtrusive signs that a couple is unhappy.

1. Apologizing for each other's bad habits

When someone is always making excuses or saying sorry for the partner's rude behaviour, it may be signs that things are not excellent.

2. Hesitation when talking in front of a partner

When someone is always afraid to speak out or has to look to his/her spouse before offering an answer to something.

3. Always trying to set you up

When your friend is always trying to hook you up with someone else it could be that they want you to be as happy as they are in their relationship. Other times, it could be that your friend is trying to live vicariously through you because they are miserable in their marriage.

4. Expressing for new life alone

If your friend keeps saying how much s/he would like to move away alone- without any consideration for the partner- it could be a sign that they want to get out of the relationship.

5. Always leave events at separate times

Whenever a couple attends an event, most times they wish to leave together. However, when one leaves before the end of the festivities, without caring to inform the spouse that they're leaving- it could be a sign of trouble in paradise.


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