5 ways couples can remain intimate without sex

How a couple remain close without sex.

For instance, if your wife has just given birth or your partner is suffering from an illness or you're both going through a rut where sexual activity isn't as much as it used to be.

However, there are other ways to maintain intimacy even without sex.

1. Holding hands

It's simple. Classic. Couples who have been together for decades seem to hold hands every time they're taking a stroll together. It maintains closeness even though it doesn't contain a lot of activity.

2. Pretend you've just started dating

At that point, most couples are still curious about each other. Having conversations until the middle of the night. Cuddling when you go to a movie. Recreate those moments from when you first became a couple before you took the sex step.

3. Try other forms of stimulation other than sex

This mostly involves creative sex such as oral sex, kissing, caressing. You can also try ways of achieving sensuality without exchange of bodily fluids.

4. Chat

Having any kind of conversation creates closeness. Relationships are maintained by talking. Friendships, closeness with family members- all kinds of relationships are more successful if people keep talking. You and your partner should engage in conversation any time you can. Share ideas, talk about your day- anything.

5. Touches

Most couples can be recognized because they exhibit their romanticism by intimate touches. A stroke of the cheek, playing with your partner's hair, or putting arms around each other. When at home, get more up close and personal by giving each other massages.


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