7 tips to deal with a jealous partner

What to do when bae is jealous.

Sometimes bae feels as though they don't deserve your love or they don't understand why you would want to be with them because they feel inferior to you.

If it feels like it's too much work, perhaps it would be best if you left your partner to save them further heart ache down the road. If your partner is possessive and unreasonable, the relationship be get toxic and you will need to leave.

But if you care about them and love them enough to want to deal with any issues they have, here are 7 tips to help your jealous partner.

1. Let them know you love them

2. Make it clear you aren't interested in other people

When someone else flirts with you, firmly rebuff them and show your partner. You can show your partner when someone sends you a flirtatious text and go ahead and mock such unnecessary acts. Then show them as you send the shoot down.

3. Have fun with them

If you have a budding social life, you may be forgiven for frequently going out without your spouse. But if you made time to spend time with him/her- you can go a long way in showing reassurance. Actively break plans with other people to spend time with bae.

4. Be proud to be seen with them

When you're out in public, show displays of affection that bae is comfortable with. Act like you're the luckiest person in the room because of who you are with.

5. Show them you're always thinking of them

Especially when you aren't with them. If you live together and you had to go away on a trip, you can leave little love notes where they would be likely to find them in the course of the day. Send them messages if they have busy days and try to call them before you go to sleep.

6. Be patient

Eventually your partner will grow out of the jealousy and will stop fearing losing you at every turn. You just have to be patient.

7. Don't let them know that you know

One of the biggest worries of insecure partners is that their loved ones will catch on to how inferior they feel. Should you let it slip that you're orchestrating things because you're aware of their insecurities, it may not go well. Don't let them know that you know. When they stop feeling threatened, you can continue with the gestures.


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