Couples can be a pain in the ass sometimes. There I said it.

No it has nothing to do with being bitter or jealous; sometimes they’re just annoying especially when they’re around their single friends.

Yes they worry about you and your relationship status – as any great friend would – but sometimes they can worry their single friends to annoyance.

Here are some annoying things couples do to their single friends.

1.Always tagging your boyfriend/girlfriend along

There was a reason why I called you specifically and made plans with you. Once again you're a third wheel on your own plan.

2.Constantly asking why you’re single

It's close to impossible to answer this question. How is it supposed to be answered in the first place?

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3.Playing matchmaker all the time

When they swear they have the perfect match for you and the person turns out to be a complete weirdo and not in a good way.

4.Ditching friendships that were there before any guy/girl

I mean how long is this honeymoon phase supposed to be for.

5.Sympathy comments

"You'll get someone one day, I know it."

6.Unsolicited advice

Your single friends will always appreciate your advice but sometimes the relationship advice can wait for another day.

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7."I wish I were still single" comments

No you don't.

This does not help the situation at all.

8."I don't think you'll understand because we're not exactly in similar situations"

This is very true but that does not mean that I can't dish out some sensible relationship advice.

9."You’ll get someone when you least expect it"

10."You’re standards are too high"