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Ways to protect a long term relationship from boredom

How to keep things fresh with bae

Familiarity breeds contempt. You can simply wake up one morning and feel fed up by the routine and the monotony. One of the worst ways to deal with is, is through cheating.

While relationships may fall apart for other reasons, here are 6 ways to ward off boredom in a long term relationship.

Try new or old things in the bedroom


Maybe the sex has gone stale or absent. Find some time with bae and try something new and risqué. Explore your kinkier sides or do something you both have never done before and see how you react to it.

Alternatively, you can also do what you used to do in your honeymoon phase. Relive the golden times until they become the rote. Mix it up.

Go on adventures

Make the time and save money to go on a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Go on one of those Pinterest locations recommended for couples. Or you could go on a daring trip where you both try something you’ve never done before.

Get a life


When you live and breathe each other, it can becoming smothering for you or your partner. IF you have your own thing going on besides your kids, or work, then you can recharge yourself before finally meeting at the end of your day.

Keep negativity out

According to Your Tango, studies conducted on long term couple showed that couples more embraced in positivity usually have a higher success rate. The study further recommended that for every negative, deal with it by coming up with five positives. Reaffirm yourselves in what made you fall in love in the first place and what keeps you loving each other. Count your blessings.


Just chat with each other. You do it all the time with your friends and those don’t have a chance of fizzling out, just chat with bae.


Put yourselves first

Ensure that considerations are made for yourselves before anything happens. How will it affect your relationship? How does your partner feel about something? Always understand each other and ensure that you still have a way to connect regardless of anything. Except maybe a coma.


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