7 reasons why good men are unlucky in love

He's so nice, why's he still single?

Here are 7 reasons.

Too much pressure from themselves

These great guys cause themselves a great deal of anxiety because they overthink and overanalyze what the women they're dating could want. They can't relax enough to form a meaningful connection.

Too much pressure from their partners

When they finally meet a potential partner, the women get a little over excited. Since he's such a great guy, he should be ready to settle. And he may not be. They immediately assume the role of wife when they haven't even seen each other's houses yet.

Age limitations

Most of these guys are in their mid30s. And they want to date a woman in her late 20s. Who just wants to have fun. Or isn't ready for the kind of commitment he is seeking. Alternatively, he could be dating an older woman but she wants to start a family soon and he isn't ready.

Dating excitement

Some men wonder why they should only limit themselves to enjoying the company of one woman at a time. But a rolling stone gathers no moss.


Some of these fellows can't approach the confident women they're attracted to. So they end up settling for mousy, low maintenance women and the relationship ends up stuck in a rut.

Not knowing what they want

A man needs to know exactly what he wants and then sets out to get it. In other aspects of life, men apply these principles. Getting a car, completing a project. But when it comes to dating, they don't know what they want. They just want to meet a wonderful woman and so end up with no game plan to meet that lady.

Peer pressure

These great guys end up dilly dallying when it comes to matters of the heart because of the bad rep that marriage gets from their peers. They're slow moving to commitment and end up having a fear for marriage because of the bad stories their married friends share.


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