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For women: Here's how to shoot your shot if the guy is shy, not forthcoming

It's admirable knowing what you want and going for it with your full chest.


Women are left to think that it is always men who would have to shoot the shot. But sometimes, these men are shy and find it difficult to express their feelings.

You too can shoot the shot.

Although there might be a fear of rejection, it's better to try than never. You don't need to buy a ring, kneel before him and ask him out. Some subtle signs will give him the hint.

Fear not, here are a few tips for getting over your hesitations so you can tell a guy how you really feel:

  • Compliment him

Mostly men are the ones who are obliged to give compliments and not the other way around.

So, if you do compliment him, he's going to probably sit up and pay attention if he didn't before. He will notice you, as well as appreciate you for complimenting him. This is one of the easiest ways you can do to stand out in the crowd for him.

  • Try the old-fashioned method

If you want to be a little riskier, you can also message him first. Or tease him with those things about himself. Things like "your head is big", and "what's up" amongst others.


Contrary to what girls think, a lot of guys actually prefer to be approached first. Some of them are also on the shy side, and these guys rarely, if ever, message first.

  • Increase physical contact

Try an extra-long hug, or even a hello or goodbye kiss.

Breaking the tension between you is a great start and it will give him the sign that you are interested in taking the next step with him from the friendship.

  • Use your eyes 

This is one of the most well-known and essential tips. Giving him your full attention and looking at his eyes when speaking to him lets him know you're interested and want to listen closely. If he reciprocates, that's a good sign he's catching on. Then you can add in some subtle touches when talking.

  • Flirt with him

Send him flirty texts to get him thinking about you. Let him know you're interested over text by sending flirty responses and cracking jokes with him.

If you’re waiting for him to take the hint, you may wait a long time for something that doesn’t happen. Don’t go overboard in intensity. It’s not the time for over-the-top declarations of love, which can overwhelm him or feel creepy. Just say what's on your mind and allow him to decode. It will keep him on track.

  • Be confident

When flirting, a guy likes when a woman is confident and loves herself.

You don't need a man, of course, but you like one around for fun. Let him know that you're in the dating game trying to find a nice guy. Let him be the one to ask you out first after you catch his attention with your confident self.


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