10 things women do that would completely shock guys

All girls do them.

These things aren’t limited to girls of a specific type. All women do them. Whether they’re short, tall, long or that weird height where you can never find a fitting pair of jeans.

All women would understand these things as most of them do it.

Here are ten things women do that would completely shock guys.

Sniffing their undies

When a woman undresses, she has to inspect her clothes. The female body is a biological galaxy unto its own uniqueness and sometimes even women themselves couldn’t explain to you what’s going on but upon inspection, they can know what to do to fix it. That’s why the undies are sniffed.

Finishing all the food then blaming the problem

Nobody likes admitting to finishing the food because sometimes that means you’re the one who has to replace it. And you have better things to do. Like drink all the wine.

Scratch their scalps then sniff their fingers

Inspection has to be done so as to know when to rewash the hair. And to confirm what the boyfriend smells when he hugs you.

Examining dirt under the fingernails

Weird $#*! collects under there and how else are you supposed to know what it is.

Playing with their boobies

Come on. They’re magical pillowy bubbles of fun that can cause the greatest orgasms, feed mankind and help you rule the world.

Becoming besties with other girls suddenly

Women speak their own language and a chance encounter at any point can turn into the greatest night out with friends or a best friends for life situation. It’s like we knew each other in another life. The boyfriends never seem to get this.

Rewatching proposal videos

Especially the ones that make the rounds on Youtube and Instagram where the guy has a remarkable surprise proposal that warms the cockles of your heart. Other videos that are popular include animals being cute videos and “I’m pregnant” reveal videos.

Recording themselves singing then listening

Sometimes you just have to confirm if you’re going to be the next Miriam Makeba.

Peeing in the shower

Sometimes the flow of the water just activates things down there and it’s all going down the drain anyway.

Pretending you’re on TV when doing normal stuff

When you’re cooking, you pretend to be Susan Kamau as you prepare your meals.


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