Being rejected sucks and having to reject someone sucks just as much – such is life.

If someone is bold enough to tell the truth when rejecting a person - honesty is the best policy – then more power to them but then there’s the other option of using excuses to get out of a situation that you really don’t want to be in.

Here are 5 excuses women give when they don’t want to date you.

1.I have a boyfriend

One of the most exhausted excuses women give to reject a man is telling them that they have a boyfriend. She might actually have that boyfriend but in a lot of cases that boyfriend is pretty much non-existent.

2.You’re a really nice guy and any girl would be lucky to have you

The classic ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ phrase is usually twisted and coined as “You’re a really nice guy and any girl would be lucky to have you”. She’s probably just trying to let you down easy and doesn’t want to say no right to your face.

3.I’m just not in that head space to get into a relationship right now

Again she could probably just be letting the guy down easy and what better way than to let the guy know that they don’t have time to be in a relationship.

4.I wouldn’t want us to ruin our friendship

Sometimes it actually means that she genuinely doesn’t want to ruin the friendship that the two of you have.

5.There are so many things happening in my life right now so I don’t think it can work out.

Another excuse women use to get out of a possible relationship they don’t want is to let the guy know that they are busy.