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8 signs she badly wants a child with you

How her words and actions reveal a desire for motherhood

An expectant lady

Bringing a child into the world is a life-altering decision that often arises from a deep longing for parenthood.

While the desire to have a baby can vary from person to person, it is not uncommon for some women to strongly yearn for motherhood.

Understanding the signs that indicate a woman's strong desire to have a baby can be crucial, especially if you are in a relationship with someone who may be contemplating starting a family.


This article has explored some of the common signs that may indicate a woman's strong desire to have a baby.

It is essential to remember that these signs are not definitive proof but rather subtle clues that can provide insight into her thoughts and emotions.

If your partner is enthusiastic about organising and attending baby showers and even encourages you to accompany her, it could be a sign that she has a strong desire to become a mother herself.


This could indicate that she is looking forward to starting a family and participating in the joyous celebrations that come with welcoming a new life into the world.

When your girlfriend frequently initiates discussions about having children and shares her thoughts and dreams about parenting, it's a clear indication that she is seriously considering starting a family with you.

These conversations demonstrate her readiness and desire to embark on the journey of parenthood.


By discussing parenting styles, envisioning your life with children, and exploring potential baby names, she is actively engaging in the idea of creating a family unit together.

It shows that she values your partnership and is eager to envision the future with you as co-parents.

When your girlfriend initiates discussions about your thoughts on having children and the number of kids you would like to have, it shows that she is interested in understanding your perspective and desires regarding starting a family.


By asking about your thoughts on having children, your girlfriend is seeking a deeper understanding of your desires, expectations, and readiness for the responsibilities that come with raising kids.

It shows that she values open communication and wants to create a shared vision for your future together.


When your girlfriend brings up the topic of her 'biological clock' ticking, it suggests that she is aware of the potential limitations and time constraints associated with fertility and starting a family.

It may stem from a genuine concern about the biological aspect of having children or a desire to embrace motherhood while she is still young and in good health.

The concept of the biological clock often refers to the understanding that fertility decreases with age, and there is a limited window of time for women to conceive and carry a child.

Many individuals, especially women, may feel a sense of urgency or pressure to have children before that window closes.


If you notice your girlfriend spending an increased amount of time browsing baby stores or online baby shops, it could indicate that she is actively contemplating the idea of having a baby and embracing the journey of parenthood.

Her interest in researching baby products, comparing prices, and envisioning a nursery suggests that she is invested in the practical aspects of preparing for a child's arrival.

It's possible that she is exploring options, gathering information, and mentally preparing herself for the responsibilities and joys that come with raising a baby.


When a woman begins to develop a profound emotional connection with other babies, it can be an indication of her longing to have children of her own.

It becomes noticeable when she frequently spends time playing with a neighbour's baby or displays a genuine joy in assuming a caregiving role towards other infants, almost like experiencing a 'false motherhood.'


These actions often communicate a deep-seated desire to have her own children and create a loving family.

While it may be a common belief that women rarely compliment their partners, it is important to recognise that appreciation and acknowledgment can manifest differently in individuals.

When a woman begins to notice and genuinely value the small things you do and the depth of your care, it can be a sign that she sees the qualities of a devoted father in you.

As she observes your attentiveness, kindness, and support, she may start envisioning how you would extend that love and care to your future children.


Expressions like 'he will make a good father' or similar statements can indicate that she is imagining a future with you as a loving and involved father.

When your girlfriend exhibits a sudden resistance to using condoms or birth control pills, it can potentially signal that she is contemplating starting a family and is open to the idea of having a baby with you.

This change in attitude towards contraception may indicate her readiness to take the risk of pregnancy and her eagerness to embark on the journey of parenthood.


However, it is vital to approach this situation with caution and have an open and honest discussion about family planning.

It's essential to ensure that both partners are fully aligned in their desires and intentions regarding starting a family.


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