Good reasons to be in a serious relationship

Being single sucks


First, committed relationships are not meant for everyone.

Some people would rather be single or in a casual relationship than be in a serious relationship.

While it’s a personal decision to either be single or in a relationship, there is something about being in a relationship. It comes with some sort of satisfaction and happiness that you cannot get when you are single.

Enough said. Let’s dig into the benefits of being in a committed relationship.

1. Emotional support

You will not have to cry all night alone or wallow in depression alone when you are in a relationship. Even if they may not be in a position to help you out, they will at least listen to you and you will be relieved. You also have someone to share your excitement, fears and as well as disappointments with.

2. Life becomes exciting

Sharing your life with someone you love brings excitement to both of you. You have someone to watch movies with, hang out with over the weekend and make stupid jokes with. There is always someone to make fun of your bad cooking, laugh at your jokes and play with.

3. You have someone who understands you

Sometimes, even your closest relatives and friends will not understand you. But when you are in a relationship with someone who knows you so well, they will be in a better position to understand into details the situation you are in. That way, you won’t feel like the whole world has neglected you.

4. Shared memories

Even the mundane of things create great memories when done by two people who genuinely love each other. A simple walk down the river with your partner will be more fulfilling and memorable than doing it with a random friend. What even makes it more beautiful is the little things you do together that also create colorful memories.

5. Reduced risk of STIs

With a serious partner, you won’t have to jump from one person to another to fulfil your sexual desires. You will always have one person to attend to your needs and you are less likely to contact STIs from multiple sexual partners. Also, you will know not what a dry spell is like *winks*.

6. Improved habits

When you are in a committed relationship, there is a tendency to pick up each other’s behaviors. Your partner helps you change your bad behaviors and they also change their behaviors for the better. So, at the end, you both have some similar but great habits.


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