I think one of the worst things that can happen to you as a woman is going on a date and never hearing from the guy ever again.

Lol you're left asking yourself a million questions "Was it something I said? Is he just busy? Did he maybe lose my number?" Even worse, when you text him, double text and triple text, you can see very clearly that the messages have been delivered and still, no answer. Damn, that's rough. There's a plethora of reasons why a man may go silent on you after a first date. We will comb through those reasons in this article. However, I should point out that it's really never that serious; at the end of the day there are seven billion people in the world if one decides to 'feel sweet' oh hunny, move on to the next very fast. Here's why he may have failed to call back.

1. He's married.

It happens, ladies. Some dudes just want to waste your time...

2. He lost his phone, this is Nairoberry, we all know how it goes. You're in traffic one minute checking your Insta timeline and the next minute, the phone is gone.


3. He lost your number.

Maybe you gave him your business card and somehow, he lost it.

4. He forgot your name and how he saved it. Trust me, it happens.

5. He's just extremely busy.

I swear, you can come up with the narrative that Obama had time to text Michelle when he was the President, but some dude who works as a marketer has no time? Tell you what? Some people are just not into their phones.

6. You didn't look like your pictures.


7. It was something you said.

Maybe you went overboard on some topics and he didn't like it.

8. He saw some red flags and decided to dodge the bullet.


9. Might have been a hygiene issue.

Would you call back a guy who came stinking like a he-goat? Or whose mouth smelt like he just ate shit? I guess not.


10. He's just not that into you and there was no connection whatsoever.

11. He's shy and is waiting for you to make the first move. I know, lame, but such n*ggas exist...unfortunately.

12. Something really terrible happened. Like, an accident or something? You may never know.

Check yourself. If you did nothing wrong, no need to worry, move on!