5 Valentine's Day ideas for couples in long distance relationships

You can still make the day count

Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are not easy at all. If there’s one thing that this kind of relationship teaches you is patience, not forgetting trust. But, this is not to say that they do not work. There are very many couples who are in successful LDRs and they make it work, even on Valentine’s Day which btw, is around the corner. If your boo is far away and you will not get to spend the day together physically, fret not, there are some great tips on how you can get to make the day count, even with your lover being away. Here are some.

1. Arrange with a friend or shipping company to have a gift sent to your lover days before.

This is really thoughtful, especially if it’s a sentimental gift that means something to him/her and one that reminds them of you. You could also sneak in a piece of you like a vest for him/her to just sniff and remember your scent if he/she likes that kind of stuff. It’s not creepy at all. If you know you know.

2. Have a Skype or video call chat.

Talk sweet nothings to each other, tell your partner how much you miss them and talk about your relationship, memories, joke about things that make you both laugh out loud, show each other the new developments in the house, new closet buys, or whatever floats your boat. Basically, a catch up!

3. Swap love letters.

There’s something so beautiful about someone pouring out their heart and expressing their feelings to you. Sure, it may be hard to mail a letter via the post office but if you can do a hand written one, that would be super perfect. If you can’t, simply write a love letter and email each other. It’s the least you can do when you’re so far away from bae.

4. Sext.

You sure do miss his hands all over your body and him kissing you and making love to you I bet? Video call him and have a naughty chat. You could also sext if you’re into that kinda stuff of course and have a kinky night together. This will help build up sexual tension for when you see each other again.

5. Plan a trip.

If you could, plan to meet each other in each other’s city or meet halfway and have a few days of vacation together. 


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