Heavenly baby names for your little angel

Best for your little angel

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How about getting a heaven-inspired baby name for your little princess?

She will be walking on earth feeling like she is in heaven already. Heaven is perceived to be beautiful, majestic and full of awesomeness that we can never imagine. Bring out your best imagination of heaven through the name you give her.

Wondering what heavenly names are like? We have compiled a lust for you and yours is just to choose the best for your little girl:

1. Angelisa – from angel

2. Heaven – like Heaven Bahati

3. Nevaeh – Heaven spelled backward

4. Cielo – means sky in Spanish

5. Eden – like the beautiful Garden of Eden

6. Gabriella – female version of Angel Gabriel

7. Gloria – from glory

8. Lani – means heavenly in Hawaiian

9. Seraphina – angles in the Bible

10. Celeste – derived from celestial

11. Parisa – like an angel

12. Malaika – Swahili name for an angel

13. Luna – meaning

14. Let your girl stand out from the world.


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