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Why firstborns should date last borns

They make the best match

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What are some of the things you look for in someone when looking for a partner? If the order of birth is not one of them, then you are making a mistake.

The order of birth is likely to affect your relationship with your partner. Experts believe that we are likely to be more suited to certain people depending on the order of birth. The birth order of partners may thus lead to either the success or failure of the relationship.

Birth order affects your romantic relationships


Studies state that birth order is responsible for forming our behaviors and personalities. This in return affects the romantic relationships one will have in their lifetime. Looking at someone’s birth order can pinpoint their needs and expectation in a relationship.

For instance, firstborns are best suited for last borns. Research shows that firstborn children have a general sense of responsibility and are also more academic as compared to their younger siblings. Since they receive most of the attention and love from their parents, they tend to be confident.

As compared to middle children and last-born children who learn from their elder siblings, firstborns learn from parents and other adults. They thus tend to be perfectionists of some sort.


Dating the last child in the family

When it comes to last borns, they tend to be the center of all the attention. And, they do get it from their parents and other siblings. They are pampered and are generally used to being taken care of. They are also adventurous, easy-going, sociable and open to experiences. Last born children love being praised and encouraged.

Last borns and first borns complement each other


As you can see, firstborn and last-born children love different things and can easily complement each other. Since firstborns love to be in control and are used to taking care of their younger siblings, they won’t mind taking care of their partner. It’s a win-win situation for both parties since they all get to be who they are. The last born will get the attention, the pampering and the firstborn will gladly provide it.

The last borns will then spice up the relationship with their adventurous and risk-taking nature.

While birth order may not necessarily the main thing you look out for in a partner, it’s something you will want to put in mind for compatibility reasons.


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