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Effective tips to get that girl you're eyeing to like you

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How to impress a woman (Courtesy)

Sometimes, you meet a man and he leaves a lasting impression, other times, not so much! What’s the difference? Between those who make you think wow! What a charming guy and the ones who make you think MEH? Well it all boils down to how you as a man, present yourself. Just what does it take to impress a woman and get her attracted to you? Read on.

1. Look presentable.

Women remember men who smell great, are well groomed and smartly dressed. This way, you end up looking like a man who is serious about life.


2. Confidence.

I dare say that confidence is one of the sexiest things ever! You can be the shortest man in the room, or an average looking man in a room full of male models but you can end up grabbing the attention of everyone and commanding respect simply because you’re confident. You’re self-aware and not in an arrogant way but in a way that you’re sure about yourself, your capabilities and what exactly you want. Think of it like a job interview. You walk into the interview room ready to sell yourself and what you’re bringing to the table and you’re confident that you’re the right person for this job. This is the same mindset you should use when approaching a woman. Keep in mind though that even with the confidence of a mediocre white man, you may still be rejected; but that’s totally normal.

3. Be smart.

I’d be super bored if a man approached me and he had nothing interesting or intellectually challenging to talk to me about. Get to know me and engage me in interesting topics. Basically, have something upstairs.


4. Be a good listener and give the woman your attention.

If you meet the lady at a place with TVs airing soccer, don’t spend the whole time looking at the TV. Don’t speak the whole time, the conversation should not be one way. Take your time to listen to her, to what she’s telling you – capture those tiny details. Women love to talk about themselves and the things they like – pay attention, maintain eye contact and ask questions. Get to know her as much as possible – hey this also helps you figure out if you’re compatible or not.

5. It’s those little things.

Remember what I said about listening? I personally love it when a man remembers something I randomly mentioned. Like, drops say sushi for me when I say I am hungry, simply because he remembers me mentioning that I love sushi. Get the point? Or when a man notices I have changed my nail polish color or hairstyle. It goes to show that he pays attention to the things I say and do.

6. Humor is everything.


If you don’ got it, don’t try too hard. Nothing sucks like a stale joke. If you can make a woman laugh though, maximize on that. Everyone could use a little laugh to be honest – we love men who can make us laugh till mascara starts smudging. Look, we go through a lot of hormonal changes, our mood swings are always up and down and we could really use that laugh.

7. Be well mannered.

If you’re gonna give a compliment, make sure it’s not overly sexual. That’s disgusting! Watch your language too! “Nice ass!” No…how about, “You look amazing in that dress!”. At the same time, don’t over compliment – that comes as off like you’re desperate and you’ll say anything to gain mercy points.

8. Stand out.


There are so many other men out there who probably want the same woman. What are you doing differently to stand out? Do you have special qualities that make you stand out? For instance, a man that plays a guitar could choose to serenade the woman every now and then and sing her cute silly songs and make a special moment out of that. A pilot could get a chattered plane and fly her to Mount Kenya…do you see where this is going? Have something that woks in your favor when trying to chase a woman.

9. Be rich and or handsome.

We have to shamelessly and unapologetically add this on the list because, indeed when you have that ching ching, for sure, it will not be hard to grab the ladies’ attention. The same applies when you’re stamped with the beauty mark!

10. Don’t be cheap.


Trust me, if you’re the kind that feels the pinch to even buy lunch, it will not be easy to get the attention of any woman. If you’re the cheap kind, maybe stay single till God blesses you with some extra money to take a woman on a proper date.


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