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6 signs you could be asexual

You are not sexually attracted to others


To some people, sex is just an overrated thing. Or, they are not just into it. In other words, asexual people simply have a different perception of sex as compared to others.

You might be wondering if you are asexual or your partner is, check out for these signs of asexuality:

1. You always come up with excuses


Do you always have to feign illness or fatigue every time your partner says you should have sex? Probably it’s because sex is not your thing.

2. You think sex is overrated

Well, you have probably had sex several times but still don’t get why it gets all the credit. If it’s not because you have been so unlucky to only have bad sex, you are probably asexual.

3. Your physical affection has limits


Asexual people can be affectionate as well but they draw boundaries. Some are comfortable hugging, holding hands and a few others are comfortable with kissing. Anything else beyond that is not acceptable. They will do anything to keep you off if they realize you are crossing the line.

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4. No porn, no masturbation, no sex

Most people who do not have sex tend to look for alternative means to please themselves. They can masturbate or watch porn. But if you can actually go for years without the three and still feel like you are missing something, you are probably asexual.


5. You are not interested in sex

An asexual would rather go shopping or listen to their favorite playlist rather than get intimate. Sex is simply not something they would be excited about.

6. You are not sexually attracted to others

We all have fantasies about people we find sexually attractive. But this is not so with asexual people. If you think someone is hot but never felt some sexual desire towards them you might actually be an asexual.



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