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Telltale signs that your crush likes you

Watch out for the signs

Couple flirting(iStock)

We have all been there. You meet someone and start liking them. But you are also dying to know if what you are feeling is mutual.

Some good news for you is that with the listed below telltale signs, you can tell if your crush likes you or if they are interested in you:

1. They stare at you


It’s not just a coincident that you always catch your crush staring at you. This is an obvious sign that they are interested in you. If it happens frequently, the feeling is mutual.

2. They seem to be interested in knowing more about you

So you’ve been talking with your crush and they keep on digging deeper and insisting to know you? Don’t even overthink about it. It’s clear that they are interested. They could ask questions such as your favorite color, your birthday or your best dish.

3. They want to know your relationship status


This is such a personal question that you don’t just ask randomly. If your crush seeks to know if you are single or taken, your guess is as right as mine, they like you.

4. They know details about you that you never told them

This means they have been searching for information about you because they are interested in knowing you better.

5. They respond to your text messages


And the messages are not the two-worded type of messages. They send long texts and you can tell that they are excited in the conversation.

6. Their body language tells it all

How someone touches you or even how they look at you can tell what they truly feel towards you. Maintaining eye contact during conversation, hugging you tight and holding your hand longer is a telltale sign that your crush is interested in you.


7. They notice the small details about you

For instance, they might ask how you got the scar on your wrist or make a comment regarding your favorite color. This shows that they have been so keen to observe you because they are actually interested.

8. Finds ways to be near you

This can’t just be a coincidence. Your crush could be literally making an effort to ensure they are around you because they like you.


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