Little ways to make that man you're seeing miss you even more

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Things you can do to make a man miss you (Twitter)

Ladies, have you ever wanted a man you're seeing or dating to miss you more or think about you?

It's totally normal. When you leave your boo's house, you definitely want him to think about you and look forward to seeing you again, soon. Here's how to do that:

1. Leave something behind.

It could be a hair pin, underwear, earrings, a toothbrush, etc. If you leave something personal behind, every time he sees it, he will think about you and may even be tempted to call you over to hang out.

2. Have a signature perfume.

Every time you go to see your man, use your signature perfume that will leave the scent lingering. Whenever he smells that scent, he will think of you. In fact, you should ensure that some of that scent lingers on his clothes after you have hugged him so that when he wears that shirt he can remember you.

3. Give him space.

Make him miss you. Do not call him all the time or always be the one to initiate conversations; leave room for him to miss you. When it comes to replying messages, give yourself at least ten minutes or so before replying. It's important to show him that you have a life and all your focus is not on him. Men naturally hate feeling like they're competing with something or someone else for your attention.

4. Leave him wanting more.

When you leave, make him an amazing meal or give a really good massage or even have quality time together so that when you leave, you will leave him wanting more and he will be looking forward to seeing you again soon.

5. Don't always be available.

If he calls you over, don't always make it appear like you were waiting for his call. The goal is to act like you're busy with other things. In fact, the more you treat him more like a friend and insinuate that you're hanging out with other people, without making him jealous of course, the better. Like aforementioned, men naturally hate competition. It's also important to maintain a bit of mystery. Do not tell him everything about your life. Be a little bit mysterious and keep him guessing. If someone knows everything about you, they will get bored fast and there won't be a surprise factor.


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