How to get back to dating again after a long break

How to get start dating again after a long break [Credit: Shutterstock]

So you took a long break after your last relationship did not work as you thought it would, but now you are ready to get back into the dating game.

So what next?

1. Look the part, maybe?

Knowing that you are not interested in a relationship could have influenced some of your lifestyle choices. Now that you are ready to have a go at this love thing again, you may want to consider paying a little more attention to your looks, your countenance, smile a little more and if you were closed off and not so friendly, now may be the time to switch it up.

2. Be more open-minded

Your friends could give your number to some single guys, one of whom could turn out to be an amazing, fantastic person.

Who knows? It could be the very thing you need! Just keep an open mind, good things come from unlikely sources sometimes!

3. Accept more invites

This is a way of saying; you need to go out more. As our article here already mentioned, the chance of your future boo coming to knock on your door and whisk you off into the sunset is pretty thin, so… go out there. Live the life, soak up some sunlight and allow yourself the opportunity to live and glow again… whether or not you do get a man.


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