How you are failing as a parent unknowingly

Kulea si mchezo

Mom and sons(thecostaricanews)

Parenthood is no walk in the park.

But since you chose to start the journey, you had better completed it. The journey is long with challenges and no matter how hard it shall be, you are your child’s hero. They look up to you with so many expectations and they don’t expect you to fail. So don’t fail them. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to play your duty as a parent with love and commitment.

Unfortunately, parents fail in their roles and their failure affects the children badly. All the same, there are those that fail without knowing that they are failing. So that you don’t ever blame ignorance for your failure, we have listed some of the ways parents fail unknowingly:

1. Failing to give them attention

How many times does your child call you and you don’t even bother to know what they wanted? You just tell them that you are busy not knowing that they might have had an important issue that needed your attention.

2. You raise your hands and scream at your children

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that you should not disciple your children. But if you scream and raise your hands, they will fear you yet you should be friends with them.

3. You talk to them instead of talking with them

Rather than just talking as they listen, engage them in the conversation. Let them feel free to express their ideas and even make suggestions.

4. You don’t spend time with them

Work is good but it should not eat up your family time. The less the time you spend with your child, the further you will be pushing them away from you.

5. You are impatient

Children are different and just because your child and you should let your child grow and learn at their own pace. Don’t pressure them to achieve something just because the age mates are doing it.

6. Being overprotective

Give your child a chance to explore and make mistakes. It’s how they learn.

7. Over pampering them

Be there for them and don’t neglect your duties as a parent. But don’t give them everything they ask for. Show them that one has to work hard in life in order to get good things.


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