Why white women love dating black men

Why they never go back when they go black.

The American lady had also been involved in a relationship with other Africans during the year. In January, she was in a relationship with a Ghanaian and when things ended, she carried on dalliances with three other men before finally settling on Kevin, the Kenyan pastor.

Other cases of white women carrying on romantic affairs with black women are rampant and it was even a controversy when it became clear a few years black that Caucasian tourists would visit Kenya just to carry out “paid relationships” with young Kenyans. Sex tourism they called it.

So why do white women love dating black men so much?

Well, apart from love and being soul mates and all that hoopla.

They’re exotic

There is a significant cultural divide between the two races and these women could be excited by the exoticism of their lovers.

They make them feel special

The novelty of dating someone from a different race could lead someone to treating their partners with a certain care. Like that super expensive toy you wouldn’t ordinarily get.


Some women are turned on by dark skin colours. I don’t blame them.

Romantic adventure

Should they have found themselves in monotonous lives drowning them in mundanity, dating someone from so diverse a life spectrum can provide the adventure of a lifetime.

They’re well endowed

Rumour has it that black men, especially native Africans, are well endowed and virile. Probably even more so than their racial counterparts. Short of asking all the men in the world to drop trou, I don’t know if this can be proven or disproven.

They have a higher chance of success

According to various studies, interracial couples have a higher success rate than intraracial couples.

“Partners in interracial relationships reported significantly higher relationship satisfaction compared to those in intraracial relationships,” says Research Gate, a US-based study group.

Can we argue with that? I don’t know. But perhaps there is finally an explanation to why they never go back when they go black.


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