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8 things you should never say to an introvert

It makes them self-conscious


The pressure from teachers in school, colleagues and friends to speak up is so real and everyone tries to force you to be extroverted. But the solution of dealing with introverts really is not coercing them to be more outspoken but rather learning how to live with them – just as they are.

If you have introverts around you, check out some of the things you should never say to them for a better relationship:

1. Why are you too quiet?


Clearly, every introvert already knows they are one and chatting and chattering is simply not their thing. When you ask them why they are quiet knowing so well they are introverts, you only make them feel like they miss something that ordinary people have.

2. Are you mad?

Just because they are silent does not mean that they are sad or even angry. It’s just that they are more comfortable being silent.


3. You must learn to speak out your feelings

In as much as this is pretty important, it’s easier said than done for introverts. It’s not easy for an introvert to open up about their feelings and thoughts and you need to be patient with them.

4. You are so antisocial

Yes they are. But then, alone time is more important for an introvert to relax and recharge. Given a chance to go out partying or remain indoors watching a movie or reading, they will choose the latter.


5. Don’t you have any friends?

The fact that introverts are mostly alone doesn’t mean that they have no friends. Only that they prefer a small circle of close friends to tens of acquaintances.

6. You need to live

Whatever that means is completely different for introverts and extroverts. So, if living for extroverts means going out more often, it’s the complete opposite for introverts.

7. Doesn’t loneliness kill you?


Actually, the time spent alone for an introvert is their best moment and they choose to stay alone because it makes them happy. So if staying alone kills you, it breathes life to introverts.

8. What do you think about the weather?

Introverts detest small talk and random conversations from random people. And since holding conversations is quite demanding for them, they prefer to talk about things in their line of interest.


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