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7 Reasons why men fear the modern Kenyan woman

Why men are fearless when they marry Kenyan women.

They have little patience for BS and for that, marrying one is applauded.

Here are 7 reasons why men fear the modern Kenyan woman.

She’s a feminist


Her role models are the likes of the late Prof. Wangari wa Maathai, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Malala Yousafzai and the late Benazir Bhutto. She is an honorary graduate in the study of women’s rights. She frequently advocates for equal pay and demands to be seen as equal to anyone who stands before her.

She knows no weakness

Raised in a dog eat dog world, the modern Kenyan woman knows how to fight for her own. She doesn’t understand the vulnerabilities that come with being feminine.

She leaves at the vilest provocation

The modern Kenyan woman has high standards. She doesn’t abide by things like laziness, ignorance, cheating or theft. Should any man show these signs, she will leave and has a very high chance of taking it all when she eventually leaves your ratchet a**.


She is ambitious

Men are intimidated by women who are more successful than them. The modern Kenyan woman doesn’t know the word “enough”. She doesn’t partake in the libations of settling. When she achieves her dreams, she gets other dreams. She won’t stop working for what she wants until she decides.

She’s sexually liberated

If your repertoire only includes missionary and doggy, she will grow bored and eventually seek her pleasure through other ways. If unwilling to get schooled, she will leave this man who can’t satisfy her. Or she will get “extra companionship”. Most men find themselves fearful of that woman who knows nearly every position in the Kama Sutra.

She’s high maintenance


Owing to her aforementioned high standards, she will be very demanding. She doesn’t like kushushwa bei. She is also very vocal of her opinions and Lord knows men fear vocal women.

She doesn’t need a man

The modern Kenyan woman is self-sufficient. Having earned her way through life, she doesn’t need a man to complete her existence. Ultimately, she makes men who harbour the archaic belief that they are God’s gift to women turn tail and run because they know her independence knows no bounds.

Apart from these, there have been the odd events that have made men fear Kenyan women. Like the case of Nyeri women who castrated their philandering husbands.


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