Too much has been said about the Kikuyus love for money, their beautiful women and their horrible food.

But coming to think of it, while you may not necessarily like the Kikuyu dishes, Kikuyus serve the most nutritious dishes you could ever find in Kenya.

Whenever there is a ceremony, the Kikuyus strive to ensure that the food served to the guests is wholesome and a delicacy that will leave lifetime memories.

What follows is a list of common Kikuyu foods that you will hardly miss in any of their occasions:

1. Mukimo

This a traditional dish that is still very common today among the community. Mukimo is a combination of potatoes, pumpkin leaves, beans, and corn. Whether it is wedding, burial ceremony or thanks giving event, you will never miss this delicacy. And as you can see, it is a single dish which is nutritionally complete and the only thing you might need is serve it with beef stew to avoid choking.

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2. Black peas

Most people do not like this delicacy probably because they do not know how to make it. Black peas are very rich nutritionally which is why they are mostly served to nursing mothers. In most Kikuyu occasions, black beans are made with carrots then served with a main dish like rice.

3. Pilau Njeri

Now, this is a mixture of everything but all in all, it is sweet and nutritious as well. You see, Kikuyus are a busy lot of people and may never have the time to cook everything differently like the Swahilis from the Coast. Pilau Njeri is a mixture of rice, potatoes, beef, tomatoes, carrots all in one. It can then be served with some veggies.

4. Green peas and beef stew

You will never miss this delicacy in any Kikuyu ceremony - it’s also my favorite. To thicken the stew, a few potatoes are added and you can’t resist devouring this delicacy. It is mostly served with rice or chapatis.

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