Ladies, would you wear a bridal romper instead of a gown on your wedding day?

Legs out on your wedding day? Yes please!


The more I see bridal trends on bridal fashion week and bridal magazines, the more I wonder what I will wear on my big day (If it’s going to happen one day lol). But on the real, one of the trends that’s slowly but steadily picking up is wearing a bridal romper or playsuit if you like, on your big day. That’s right, modern day brides are indeed ditching the Cathedral veils and long gowns and going for a leggy affair. In my very unsolicited opinion, I think this is a great bridal fit for a summer wedding. Especially for brides who have the body for it. There’s nothing wrong with showing some legs even on your big day. What I particularly like about the trend is that you can match with your bridesmaids, like this bride who wore a lace ivory romper and then had her bride squad in matching floral rompers. Doesn’t this scream beautiful summer wedding?

You can also go for something with a little more flair, like a lace romper with an overskirt or cape.

If the look is a tad too risqué for you, you could wear the romper as your second outfit for the reception.

After all, we all want to be comfortable at the reception, as that involves a lot of dancing and what not.

And, don’t worry about the in-laws who will have a field day giving you sneers and wondering why you’re not decently dressed. Yeah, yeah, we live in Africa and morals and decency are a huge thing, but it’s your big day. You only get married once (in most cases) so make it count, do your thing. What matters is your happiness.

If rompers are a nay for you, well, you can always check out bridal jumpsuits for the bride who is anything but basic.

Whatcha think of bridal rompers?


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