List of Kikuyu names inspired by animals

What’s the meaning of your African name?

Kikuyu traditional ceremony(Antony Trivet)

Do you know the meaning of your name? If not, find out from your parents or grandparents. You might be surprised by the hilarious meaning of your name.

In the Kikuyu culture, some names are inspired by nature, animals and even habits such as alcoholism and hard work. For instance, the name Wanjohi means one who indulges in alcoholism while the name Mukora means ‘thug’. So before you go ahead and name your baby after someone, find out what the name means and its origin. You don’t want your baby to carry a name that speaks so much negativity.

Below we have made a list of Kikuyu names that are inspired by animals:

1. Njogu – elephant

2. Ngari – leopard

3. Wahiti – derived from ‘hiti’ which means hyena

4. Wang’ombe – cow

5. Njau – calf

6. Wanjau – ‘of the calf’

7. Wang’ondu – looks after the sheep

8. Nyaga – ostrich

9. Muruthi – lion

10. Gachui – chick

11. Mbogo – buffalo

12. Kiura – frog

13. Nyamu – animal

14. Nderi – eagle

15. Wanderi – of the eagle

16. Ngigi – locust

17. Njuki – bee

18. Wanjuki – of the bees

19. Njagi – zebra

20. Ngatia – lion

21. Ndegwa – bull

22. Njoka – worms

23. Wangare – female name that means leopard

24. Kori – lamb

25. Wanguku – derived from ‘nguku’ which means ‘hen’

What name did we leave out? You can add to the list.


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