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Man Kush urges couples to shed modesty for relationship bliss

'Ni dini zinaharibu watu' - Man Kush has criticised women who avoid dressing in seductive outfits for their husbands, in the name of religion.

Pastor Man Kush

During an address to a group of bloggers, Pastor Man Kush revealed that he had recently taken his wife on a vacation to Mombasa after noticing her strong dedication to the church.

Man Kush went on to explain that the high temperatures in the coastal region led his wife to remove her clothing, including her bra and undergarments, to stay comfortable.

Concerned about her attire, she inquired about what she should wear in such circumstances.


In response, Pastor Man Kush decided to purchase body-revealing outfits commonly worn by people in Mombasa to accommodate the warm climate.

With a laugh, Pastor Man Kush shared that when his wife walked past him in the revealing attire, it caught him off guard.

He admitted that he had never seen her in such clothing before, which led to his humorous response of speaking in tongues as a lighthearted and spontaneous reaction.

According to him, people should also prioritize spending quality time with their spouses, taking them out, and creating moments that bring happiness and fulfillment.


"Heaven is not in heaven, bring it down here. Make the best of your family," Kush said.

In an interview with the media on April 4, he shared that he has been married for 39 years and takes care of his wife financially.


"I pump my wife with money. Your wife is not in your house because you are handsome, she's there because you are meeting her basic needs. I'm open to my wife and that is why we have been married for all those years," Man Kush declared.

Man Kush's video of dancing to reggae music recently went viral on social media, prompting some critics to question his commitment to Christianity.

However, the pastor had a witty response to these critics, suggesting that people should live their own lives instead of questioning others.

"Live life in this world happily. If you die you are gone, nothing else. Use everything that God has given you but don't commit any sin. Was I dancing to a satanic song?" Man Kush questioned his critics sarcastically.


Man Kush also said that people should leave their own lives and avoid competing with others.


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