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Revealed: The best age to settle down and start a family

This is the age when you should start considering marriage.

The age has risen from an average of 15 for women and 19 for boys.

However, the average age for first marriages has been steadily increasing due to the general belief in investing in a life before marriage.

Experts say that there is no set optimal age for marriage but others estimate that it’s between 30-35 for women and 34-39 for men.


This is why the 30s are the best time to settle.


By the time you’re in your 30s, you’re more mature. You are well versed in the ways of the world and possess strong judgement when dealing with anything thrown your way.


In the 30s, you’ve experienced enough wisdom to be called a wahenga. Life experience, meeting more people, working with different people, living in different places all merge to make you a more profound human.



The older you are the likelier you are to be a more reliable partner. You have no need for gallivanting and are able to satisfactorily leave your old wild lifestyle behind.


People in their 30s and older are more financially stable having had more work experience. The age allows you to have a more secure future.

Personal confidence


In your 30s, you have conquered your 20s, become self-sufficient and able to love being in your own skin. People who are 30 and older possess a lot more self-assuredness and make more suitable marriage partners.


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