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Why men should marry younger women

Is marrying a younger wife the secret to a happier marriage?

Marrying or dating a man way younger no longer comes as a surprise and honestly who really cares; love is love.

With the divorce rate on the rise though, it does poses the question of how long such marriages do actually last- this doesn’t apply to all of them though.

According to a research done by Bath University in the UK, marriages between an older man and younger and smarter wife could be the secret to a happier marriage.


Such marriages are less likely to end up in divorce especially if neither of them has ever been divorced before.

The study was conducted by interviewing more than 1500 couples that were married or in a serious relationship.

A follow up was conducted on 1000 of those couples and the findings revealed that “if the wife was five or more years older than her husband, they were more than three times as likely to divorce than if they were the same age”.

If the man was older however, the couple was more likely to be happier and stay married for longer.

Factoring in the fact that the woman has a better education than the man further increases the chances of a happier marriage.


This does not mean that marriages with different age gaps won’t last because people marry each other based off of other factors other than just their age.

The researchers believe that using age, education and cultural origin – which are more objective factors – may help reduce divorce.

Source: Capital Lifestyle


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