5 signs you have a bad boyfriend

It's not you, it's him.

It has nothing to do with them having flaws but more about who they are as an individual – and that’s where the confusion may come in.

Here are 5 signs that you have a bad boyfriend.

1.He lies to you

Anyone that loves you will always tell you the truth. No matter how hurtful it may be to you.

2.He is selfish

Everything you do seems to always be in his interests. For example, he is always asking you for money but when you ask him to do something simple he always complains or comes up with an excuse not to do it.

3.He doesn’t up lift you or support you

Every time you have a something going for you, his response will always be skeptical and negative. He can never up lift you or push you to achieve your greatest potential.

4.He disappoints you all the time

There’s disappointing someone a few times because of unavoidable circumstances; then there’s disappointing someone simply because you can.

5.He never communicates with you

He will ignore your calls and texts with no explanation. Whenever you ask him why he never replied, he may give a flimsy excuse and not apologise for it.


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