Here are 5 things men do that make them more attractive.


A man that is respectful not only to his loved ones but to strangers as well is attractive.

The way they communicate with a waiter or waitress at a restaurant for instance, can tell a lot about their character.

2.Claiming their women in public

Women don’t want to be in a relationship just for being in one but also want to be claimed in the relationship – not in the creepy, obsessive way.

Introducing her as your girlfriend or simply showing some form of physical contact when out with friends or when in public can go a long way.


Cliché but it wouldn’t hurt if a man can whip up a good meal once in a while.

4.Protecting their women

Despite the fact that your woman is independent and is capable of taking care of herself, she still wants someone to protect her.

5.Takes care of himself

A man that not only takes care of the way he looks or his personal hygiene but also handles his business is attractive. He handles all his responsibilities without needing to be pushed.