6 sure signs that reveal you are the rebound guy

Here's how to know that you're just a rebound.

You're into your new relationship and are really feeling this girl but something is still amiss with between the two of you - and it's not the fact that you're in a new relationship.

You may be in a rebound relationship and this is how to know that you are her rebound.

1.She uses you as a prop or acts weird every time she sees her ex

If she acts weird or insists on how happy she is whenever you coincidentally run into her ex, then you are her rebound.

She shouldn't feel the need to justify your relationship to anyone.

2.Your relationship is more physical than emotional

You've been dating for a while now and you know more about how to get her there between the sheets than whether she has siblings or not.

3.You do everything that she used to do with her ex

It may not be clear that you are doing everything that she used to do with her ex but you can tell that certain things hold certain sentimental value to her.

4.Your relationship feels rushed

There's no pause button or time to really get to know one another. Everything is moving at lightning speed. She wants you to plaster your relationship all over social media the minute you two become official or pushes you to do things that only benefit her.

5.Always being compared to her ex

She subtly compares you to her ex. You are the rebound guy.

6.They are still bitter about their ex

Every time they talk about their ex, they come off bitter and seem to not be over them. Her tone may suggest that she is still hurt over her previous break up and is just using you as a rebound.


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