Getting over an ex isn’t easy.

While your relationship may have ended ages ago and you feel like you’ve moved on, you may be giving out hints that you’re not completely over them.

1.You stalk them on social media

You want to know what they are up to or whether they’ve found someone new and the best way to know that is by stalking their social media pages.

2.You ask your mutual friends about them

Your relationship with your ex may be done but the relationship with your mutual friends isn’t. They keep up with your ex so why not find out how they are doing through them.

3.You compare new potential suitors to them

Your ex used to make sure they send texts to you every single morning and now that your new bae doesn’t they don’t fit the bill to be in a relationship with you.

4.You get overly excited whenever you see that they’ve liked something of yours on social media

If you find yourself freaking out when your ex likes a photo or video of yours on social media then chances are you are not over them. It’s one thing to notice that they liked it and another to announce it like a PSA.

5.The famous drunk dials

There’s nothing that says I’m not over you like the famous drunk dial to an ex. A drunk man’s actions, a sober man’s thoughts.

6.You make sure to always be at your best when there’s a chance that you’ll see them

Maybe you were college sweethearts and there’s a reunion coming up. You make sure to show up dressed in your best outfit and plan what you’ll tell them so that they know you’re doing well.

7.Your friends point it out to you

If you’re friends tell you to bring it down a notch when it comes to talking about your ex then you may want to re-assess whether you are over them or not.