When it comes to relationship deal breakers; they can range from being untidy to deeper issues such as cheating – the list could go one forever.

While some personality traits can be tolerated in relationships, other characteristics can be hard to look past.

Scientists from 5 different International Universities sought to discover these undesirable qualities and came up with 17 of the worst deal breakers for both men and women.

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How the study was conducted

Six different studies were conducted by scientists from the Western Sydney University, Indiana University, the University of Florida, Singapore Management University and the Rutgers University.

The study’s objective was to discover the worst offenders when it comes to dating.

From their findings, they concluded the following:

Researchers gave 5,541 single adults in the US with a list of negative personality traits, asking them if they would consider those traits as deal breakers in a long-term relationship.

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This is according to the Independent.

Below are the listed deal breakers:

1.Messy, unkempt appearance




5.Geographic distance

6.Bad sex

7.Insecure partners

8.Partners obsessed with their gadgets

9.Low libido


11.Partners that are too chatty

12.Partners that are too quiet

13.Partners that are too blunt

14.Not being keen about having children

15.Partners that have extra baggage

16.Partners who have a physical appearance that is too athletic

17.Partners that are not athletic