4 reasons why you need to finally end your on and off again relationship

It's time.

And each time you convince yourself that you are completely done with them.

By some miracle, your mind is changed again and the two of you get back together.

And the cycle goes on and on – but for how long though?

Here are some reasons to say goodbye to them for good.

1.It is unhealthy

Emotionally and mentally, it can’t be healthy to constantly be breaking up and getting back together with your boyfriend.

The relationship is not healthy at all.

2.It is exhausting

An unhealthy relationship is definitely exhausting. You have to deal with someone promising to change and when you get back with them they do the exact same thing they said they wouldn’t and then you end up breaking up again – phew.

3.You get too comfortable

On and off again relationships can cause you to get too used to being treated some way and that can in turn change the way you view relationships.

Don’t get too comfortable chasing the thrill of an on again off again relationship.

4.You are chasing a fantasy other than facing reality

You are just with that person because you are used to them and not because they are good for you.


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