4 signs that you’re about to get dumped

Being dumped blows but what if you could tell that it was going to happen beforehand?

It hurts like hell and you start feeling terrible for allowing that person into your life in the first place but what if there was a way to tell if you were about to be dumped?

This is not a guarantee that if a guy acts this way then he’s definitely going to dump you but they could help prepare you for what might be coming.

Here are five signs that you’re about to get dumped.

1.He’s not interested in communicating with you

If every time you try to reach him, you can’t get him and he never seems bothered to return your calls or messages; chances are you might be dumped soon.

He’s not interested in communicating with you as you used to and that could be a sign that he’s just not that interested anymore.

2.No physical/emotional connection

Every time you try to hold their hand, they pull away. You haven’t had sex in a long time – if you’re not celibate – or even can’t remember the last time you kissed.

3.Your fights go unsolved

If you and your man fight a lot and he always dodges your efforts to try and solve the arguments then those could be warning signs that you are about to be dumped.

4.That 6 sense

A woman’s sixth sense rarely steers her wrong. If you have that gut feeling that your relationship might be ending then it might be ending.

Sometimes it’s good to listen to your gut and confront your partner about how you’re feeling before it’s too late.


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