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4 things men do to keep women around when they don't want relationships

The saddest part about it is women always fall for these.

Then there’s the other type of guy that’s allergic to commitment. Mention the word ‘relationship’ and he’ll be bolting for the nearest exit.

A lot of times women tend to fall for the latter and the saddest part about it all is the fact that women will still hang around even when they know that they’re being taken along for the ride.


Here are 4 devious things men do to keep women hanging around.

1.They won’t text you every day but once in a while

They text you once in a while just to make sure that bado uko box. You receive that text so excited and keep telling your friends how your guy is keeping it fun and mysterious.

Sorry to bust your bubble honey but the only mysterious thing about this situation is why it’s so hard for you to tell that he’s just messing around with you.

2.They tell you how they like you but are not ready for a relationship


Okay, it isn’t a bad thing to tell someone that you’re not ready to be in a relationship but then you really like them though.

You go a little further and treat them like you want a relationship with them and tell them how amazing they are and you’d be lucky to have them as a girlfriend; if only you were ready for a relationship.

3.They need more time to figure things out

Danger! This is a very dangerous statement to absorb from a man. You keep thinking that within that time that he’s figuring things out, that he’ll somehow change his mind and will come running back to you and it will all be like a fairytale.

I mostly blame the woman for sticking around after being told this because you had the option to go about your ways and do what you want but still held on.


4.They act jealous.

Some guys will try and make it seem like they are jealous or start showing some concern when they see you getting interested in someone else.

You feel like they really like you otherwise why would they be concerned?


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