4 things that are likely to happen if you force someone into a relationship

Stop beating a dead horse.

Unfortunately, not everybody gets this and that’s why some people find themselves in situationships or unhappy relationships.

If you’re stuck in a position where you literally have to force someone to be with you, there are certain possibilities that are likely to occur in the relationship and here are some of them.

1.The relationship may not work out

You forced the other person into the relationship so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the relationship dies a natural death.

2.Your partner may end up resenting you in the long run

If you run the show in your relationship without giving any form of consideration for your partner and their contribution in the relationship, chances are that they will resent you. Especially if the issue goes unresolved.

3.You are going to be unhappy, a lot

The person may have not been into you the way you were into them so they probably won’t give their all in the relationship. You end up being unhappy most of the time because your needs and wants in the relationship are not being satisfied.

The person that was forced into the relationship is partly to blame in this case because they would have just said not from the beginning.

4.Your relationship will be one-sided

If you force someone into a relationship, there is a possibility of it being a one-sided relationship and that sucks. If you aren’t to sure about whether you are in a one-sided relationship, here are some signs.


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